Client Feedback

17June 2021
Trapped nerve
Grace done an amazing job for me! I’ve had a trapped nerve, a very trapped one. I could hardly move. She was recommended to me by a colleague and I can thank enough the way she helped me. I’ve only had 3 sessions and got back on my feet, doing my activities without a problem. It’s been 1 month since my last session and I’m still keeping well. What I’ve appreciated most is that she tried to treat as much as possible in the same session. I will definitely see Grace again when needed. You’ve got magic hands, Grace! Thank you for helping me!

07 Jun 2021
A very soothing and pain relieving experience. A lot better that the medicinal relief recommended by the BMA

15 Feb 2021
This lady is a Super Woman.
This lady is a Super Woman. I chose Grace during my search for an acupuncturist purely because of her dissertation and practice on headaches and migraines. I have only seen Grace three times so far (due to lockdown and COVID 19) however in those three treatments Grace has made a considerable difference to my chronic daily headaches, and my migraines, so much so, I haven’t had a migraine since the first time Grace treated me (as I went for my appointment with a migraine) and I was having them weekly at one point. I am still getting the headaches, but they too are a lot less frequent and a lot less severe, so a massive improvement there too. I will continue to see Grace and would highly recommend this lady ( in fact I have already done so to friends and family). Please give Grace a try, you will be amazed. I am so glad I found her.

16 Jan 2021
Highly recommended!
Lin absolutely helped me when I was suffering severely from chronic pain in my shoulder. She was gentle and tailored her treatment to my needs. I felt comfortable and relaxed in her clinic and she spent extra time to ensure my pain issues were addressed. My husband also saw Lin for treatment of his sciatica and he also feels much better. I have already recommended her to many of my friends and family. Highly recommended!

20 Nov 2020
Amazing Acupuncturist
I had been experiencing some really painful sciatic pain in my lower back and leg and Lin was incredible in helping me. She is really an expert acupuncturist and I must recommend her to everyone. After only a few sessions I felt a great improvement after almost 6 months of pain. After 10 sessions I felt much better. After the Sciatoc pain improved, she has also helped me with low energy levels and has improved my sense of vitality, sleeping and mood. Very professional and always polite and asking lots of questions, Lin spends time to get to know all of your issues and obviously takes a lot of pride in helping people. I have been to many TCM acupuncturists in UK before but Lin is by far the best and takes the most time to help you. She is great.

18 Nov 2020
Successful IVF treatment
Grace did amazing job for me and my husband. We just had success with first IVF treatment after 4 years of trying. I really believe that all our the appointments with Grace give a lot to that. Many thanks and highly recommended!!!

18 Nov 2020
Amazing Experience
I came to Lin suffering from severe anxiety, low mood, libido and low energy after giving birth. By the end of the first session with Lin she had helped me immensely. Immediately I felt higher energy, more relaxed and more confident in my body. I have spent the past 17 years in London and have never been able to find such an incredible acupuncturist. Lins service is incredibly thorough, she is intensely knowledgeable, kind and caring. Lin will go out of her way to help you and spend the time needed to cure one’s problems. I feel very grateful to have found Lin. I have now recommended friends and family as it is great value for money. I highly recommend a consultation!

21 October 2020
Eileen N
Dear Grace (Lin Guo)
I have been extremely grateful with all my acupuncture treatments with you! I came because of my dry eyes(10 years), I was recommended by a friend, I was applying drops in my eyes every day and in the last 3 years this had increased every 10-30 minutes.After 12 weeks of having acupuncture, I’m amazed at the difference in my eyes, I’m using eye drops 1-3 times a week or when needed.
Grace (Lin Guo) picked up on my irregular heart beat and has been able to correct this for me. I also had trouble with my inner ears labyrinthitis, I would feel dizzy and off balance, again this has been treated and I feel very well now, a big thank you!
A massive thank you Grace(Lin Guo) for helping me. You are a very skilled acupuncturist and very knowledgeable in what you do.
Much appreciated. Eileen.

15 Aug 2020
A Life Changing Experience
Grace is an amazing lady, calm, caring and very patient. I went to Grace with Sciatica and severe lower back pain, so bad it would take me by surprise and I would cry out. I had other compromising conditions too. Grace treats more than one problem at a time and after the first visit I had confidence that I could have a better quality of life. I am now out of pain, happy and have complete trust in Grace’s skills. I do believe this lady has magic fingers. I have had a life changing experience. Thank you Grace.

27 Jul 2020
Arthritic cure
Grace has been fantastic went to her with hip problem and within first session the pain was reduced by 90% thought i would need hip replacement but no Ian virtually pain free fantastic!

25 Sep 2019
Life-changing results for an incurable disease
Grace is the most outstanding acupuncturist/TCM practitioner you will ever be able to find. I went to her with extremely debilitating ME/CFS, in chronic pain and with constantly low energy levels. There is no cure for ME/CFS, but I have become a new person since I started having acupuncture with Grace. My energy levels are higher, I have much less pain, my sleep has improved, and I am able to function like a normal human being most of the time, which I never imagined would ever be possible. If you need treatment for any chronic condition, I can tell you from my own experience that you will not find anyone better. Grace has qualifications from both China and the UK and is continuously engaged in CPD, so you can be sure that her skills and knowledge are always up to date. She is very friendly, highly professional and will give you amazing results. She will change your life.

22 Jul 2019
Excellent friendly and professional service. 100% recommend treatment with Grace.
After unsuccessfully TTC for some time with irregular cycles, tests showed I wasn’t ovulating. I was waiting 6 months for a NHS fertility appointment so took matters into my own hands and tried acupuncture. From the 1st consultation, Grace’s service is always friendly and professional. The premises are clean, comfortable and feel more personal than visiting a high street shop. I had a treatment every week, and began to enjoy it. The needles were not painful and I would often fall asleep. After a while my cycles became more regular and to my surprise I started ovulating. I had a feeling of wellbeing and less stress after the sessions. Other ailments like coughs, back pain and headaches were also eased. Thanks to Grace, I’m pleased to say that my NHS appointment was not needed as I conceived naturally before it came around. My baby girl is now 5 months old. I continued acupuncture throughout my pregnancy for back pain. I recommend visiting Grace to anyone with similar issues.

21 Sep 2018
Menopause a thing of the past – Grace is a miracle worker.
 After experiencing the most horrendous hot flushes and menopausal symptoms I wondered if acupuncture would help. After just 2 sessions I no longer had any night sweats and the migraines had completely gone. At every session Grace did not only treat my menopausal symptoms but anything else that was troubling me. After each session I feel just wonderful and “The Menopause” is a thing of the past. If you are having bad menopausal symptoms don’t suffer any longer but contact Grace.

29 Aug 2018
As a lifelong non-believer in alternative medicine, I chose to visit Grace on recommendation as someone who may be able to help me, as I was going through a very low period in my life. Grace treated me for the following. 1 – Crohns disease 2 – Insomnia 3 – Lacking in Energy 4 – Depression / Low Self Esteem 5 – Post Operative Hernia Pain Results 1 – I can report that from my second visit, my stomach condition had begun to change and after only four treatments, things have returned to normal (unbelievably) to the condition it was before I’d developed Crohns 40 years ago. 2 – I now, no longer spend hours awake every night with my mind racing – sleep is now unbroken and restful. 3 – I now have plenty of energy and my mind is clear of all thoughts of self harm. 4 – Hernia repair now has NO PAIN AT ALL I am so pleased I took a chance. If like me you’re a non-believer and need help, what have you got to lose in trying.? John S. (Dartford)

11 May 2018
Simply the BEST
Grace was AMAZING in my four months of treatment after a failed IVF She was always professional kind welcoming always called me darling which made me feel at ease Grace was like a Fairy God Mother and i will be forever grateful to her for my gorgeous son she helped me to create 🙂

08 May 2018
Highly recommended acupuncture treatment!
I am currently receiving acupuncture treatment from Mrs Guo (Grace), for pain in my shoulder and the neck. She is extremely caring, kind, friendly but professional. Grace pays much attention to the areas of pain and changes at each session, carefully adjusting her prescription of treatment accordingly. I have already felt considerable improvement in the level of pain and movement in some areas where I have had chronic problems relating to my spine. I am very grateful to Grace who obviously is a conscientious and skilled practitioner in this field, who is genuinely pleased to see her patients improve and recover through her treatment. Grace has restored my faith in treatment and I am so pleased I chose to be treated by her. I highly reccomend Grace to anyone looking to havetreatment for pain, as I found her to be excellent. I have already reccomended Grace to my niece who is planning to arrange an assessment. Ken from Dartford.

19 Feb 2018
Perfect Service & Results
Delighted with the service I have received from Lin Guo (Grace). Very welcoming, very informative and I saw results after my first session having had severe spinal & shoulder pain for over 4 months. I am now attending for my third session and could not be more delighted with the service and results I have seen. I have even recommended Grace to family members due the extensive areas she is qualified to cover with her acupuncture. 5 Star Rating for Grace. Thank you.

A few more extracts from Lin Guo clients’ feedback catelogue:

“Have suffered dry, painful, itching, irritable eyes for 4/5 years & been to see specialists of hospital many times & told nothing apart from eye drops, no care.
Have so far, had five sessions acupuncture & found a big big difference. Pain gone, no itching or irritable eyes, great improvement & got quality of life back.
Well done, Grace (Lin Guo)” —Sharon G

“I came in and booked for non smoking, had it done 6 months ago, I have not had a cigarette since, from smoking 45 a day. I can totally recommend it, and it is excellent value for money.” —Pocallm H

“After 20 years of Asthma, I booked a course of acupuncture and straight away noticed a difference in my breathing. As the course continues I feel more free with every session.” – Russell S

I have suffered with difficult breathing when I exercise for 2 and a half years. I have been to the doctors and had many tests, but they couldn’t find the problem. I had 10 treatments of acupuncture by Lin Guo and now my breathing is back to normal when I exercise, Acupuncture has made such a great improvement. Thank you, Grace! —Michelle G

“brilliant!! After 18 months of pain due to knee damage, just one visit found vast improvement. After four visits completely free from aches and pains. I was so relieved I took my wife along who has suffered with a fallen arch, and swelling of the feet for a long time. Again after one visit, there was vast improvement. After more visits I think success is assured. Brilliant!” – Graham D

“Dear Grace (Mrs Guo),
I have been attending RST Herbal Centre for a long time now and cannot praise your hard work, devotion, skill and expertise enough.
When you first saw me I was using a stick, as my left side from head to toe had almost seized up following an accident and later operation. I had suffered tremendous pain and trauma for over 2 years prior to my initial visit to yourself.
It has taken many treatments to get where I am today and shall continue with further therapy.
Thank you for giving me my life back and helping my body to heal. I realise now just how serious my condition had become and without your dedication and encouragement, who knows what my future may have held. Now I have a quality of life again, returned to work, out and about in the community and feel wonderful in myself. Naturally I still have to be careful but what a turnaround.
My regret, is that had I seen you much, much earlier, healing would have occurred sooner.
You have good business acumen, hardworking, friendly yet professional, with your greatest attribute (apart from generations of knowledge) is your wholehearted determination to help and treat your patients, so they can get back to work and enjoy a better quality of life.
I fully endorse and recommend the Centre to anyone suffering pain and trauma or any other ailment which require skillful therapies.” – Diane H

“I just want to say I am very happy with the treatment I received from Grace ( Lin Guo). I have been coming to see her in my complicated conditions (Multiple Sclerosis). I have got very good improvement since being treated by her.” – Mitesh

“My treatment has been extremely beneficial and it also leaves me glowing so much that my husband always thinks I’ve done a treatment for my face. My poor conditions have improved considerably, I no longer feel short of breath or lacking energy, my constipation has gone. I fulfil of energy now after 7 treatments. Brilliant job, well done! Thank you, Lin Guo!” – Sizanne

“I have suffering from menopause, hot flushes every night and during the day. It was like someone had poured water all over me. Nothing seem to work, so I decided to try acupuncture with the herbs for about three or four months, and it has helped me, my hot flush and sweating are much better, as well as the stress. I was treated by Lin Guo.” – Charlotte